About the Project

The web project "Sites of Unity" makes the successes and challenges of German reunification an audio-visual experience by conveying historical-political content, including its relevance to the present, at locations in Berlin. Developed by the Stiftung Haus der Geschichte, the project is funded by the Minister of State for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR funding programme.

3 people with bicycles are talking in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Sites of Unity in Berlin

The digital offer "Places of Unity" is optimised for mobile use on the go in the city. An interactive map guides digital visitors to 30 places in the city. There they can learn more about each place, listen to testimonies, browse through picture galleries and let their eyes wander at the historical site. Of particular interest to guests at the Tränenpalast and the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei: it is possible to filter the locations, set favourites and display a walk between the Foundation's two museums in Berlin.



The Online Project

The digital offer is also accessible from home and invites you to discover the 30 sites. They are assigned to three main themes: revolution, unity and transformation since 1990. Audio clips illustrate the role that the sites played in overcoming the dictatorship, in the history of democracy in the capital and in the growing together during the transformation period. Contemporary witnesses report which memories they associate with the places.